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AWelcome to www.DivingDucks.net!

Diving Ducks offers Sea Duck Hunting, Charter Fishing, Cast and Blast (Both Sea Duck Hunting and Charter Fishing), and Ray Hunting

Go Sea duck hunting and/or fishing with US Coast Guard certified, Captain Lawrence Tyler on board the 2012 newly built 44' Chesapeake Bay fiberglass deadrise boat "North Star".

We are very excited about the new boat & everyone enjoyed fishing & hunting from her 2012.

Sea duck hunting is fast and exciting. Hunts October - January. Duck species hunted are Old Squaw, Black Scoter, White Wing Scoter, and Surf Scoter. Rates are $150 per person with half as a deposit and balance due on day of hunt. There is a $500 minimum per hunt.  Accommodates 2 to 6 persons.

"Cast & Blast" - Enjoy a combination of hunting and fishing at one of the most beautiful times of the year on the Chesapeake Bay. October and November - Cast and Blast trips are at the rate of $175 per person with a $575 minimum per hunt.

Off-Shore Blind Hunts - We offer blind hunts from a 27' open camouflage fiberglass boat. Species hunted are Bluebills, Goldeneyes, Canvasbacks, Buffleheads, Ruddy ducks, etc. The season extends from the middle of December to the end of January. Rates are $150 per person with a minimum of $500 per hunt.


The Captain recommends that suitable hunting gear be worn or carried. This includes, parka, raingear, coveralls, 2 pairs of gloves, and warm waterproof boots, dull colors or camouflage. Federal and state duck stamps and shotgun plugs are required. Foam ear plugs are suggested.

Diving Ducks also provides charter fishing trips from April to October. Rates for up to 6 people are $600 for the day. All tackle and bait is provided.